Virtual Training

Flexible training solutions – English in a virtual classroom

Do you travel a lot for work and have little time for classes?  Would you like to improve your language skills flexibly, without being bound to specific times and locations?  Virtual training in an online classroom offers you an exciting and flexible solution to be able to take part in one-to-one or group classes.

English for Business offers a training concept which is developed to your individual language and communication needs.    Training can take place wherever you are, provided you have either internet connection or a telephone line.  For example – make the most of your lunch hour – one hour is enough to really learn.  Classes are flexible and you can start whenever you want.   All training materials are developed specifically for you and are then uploaded online so that they can be used during your one-to-one or group training.

English for Business offers professional language and communication training via Webex and via telephone so that you can take part in classes wherever and whenever you prefer.