Discussing opinions – Business English do’s and don’ts

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Everyday at work we have to discuss our opinions. Sometimes in a team we will all share opinions, and at other times we will think completely differently to our colleagues. It’s a good idea to know what you can say if you feel strongly about something, and what you can say if you want to be very diplomatic.

Look at this conversation – the expressions underlined are used to discuss your opinions.

James: What do you think about the new advertising campaign Andy?

Andy: Well, if you ask me, they’re targeting the wrong customers.

James: I’m completely behind you on that. I don’t know whose idea this campaign was.

Andy: I firmly believe that the head of the department needs to get rid of the whole team.

James: That’s nonsense! They’ve done some excellent work, but some serious changes are necessary. We need some support with this project.

Andy: Yes, you’re right. I think that we should give the project to an external advertising agency.

James: I’m afraid I can’t agree – we don’t have the budget for that right now..

Andy: Ok, well let’s organise a meeting to see what other options we have.

Discussing opinions:

  Giving an opinion Agreeing Disagreeing
Weak If you ask me… Yes, you’re right I’m afraid I can’t agree
Strong I firmly believe that…. I’m completely behind you on that. That’s nonsense!

Useful language

  1. advertising campaign – Werbekampagne
  2. target – anzielen
  3. firmly agree – voll einverstanden
  4. department – Abteilung
  5. get rid of – los werden
  6. nonsense – Schwachsinn
  7. excellent – ausgezeichnet
  8. agency – Agentur
  9. support – Unterstützung
  10. I’m afraid – leider

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