Describing trends and statistics

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In business and everyday English you sometimes have to describe trends, graphs and diagrams.  In a business context you may have to describe trends when writing reports, attending meetings or when giving presentations.  At times we need to make a forecast about the future and we use special words to predict how business and the economy will change.  It’s useful to know what kind of words you can use when describing the value of currencies, the price of resources or important financial figures.

Upward changes: to climb/increase/go up – steigern, to recover/improve – erholen

Downward changes: to fall/increase/drop – sinken, to plummet – abstürzen

No change: to remain stable/to stabilise – stabil bleiben/stabilisieren

Look at these examples from a company presentation: ‚The price of coffee dropped at the beginning of the month, but we think it will recover by the end of next week.  The price of tea stabilised in January but then plummeted in June.  Since then it has increased slightly.‘

Useful language:

Business context: betriebswirtschaftlicher Kontext

Reports: Berichte

Attending: teilnehmen

Forecast/prediction: Prognose

To forecast/predict: prognostizieren

Economy: Wirtschaft

Value: Wert

Currencies: Währungen

Resources: Ressourcen

Figures: Zahlen

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